03 Apr

A month ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer my time to do social media engagement for our on-campus newspaper, The Spectator.

I’ve taken over the Facebook and Twitter world by storm. Okay, maybe not. But I have seen great results in the responses by followers of the social media outlets.

Not only has this experience allowed me to do something I love, it has given me the chance to formulate posts and tweets to increase readership and engage followers.

I have run into some minor challenges, however. The first is how to generate the best possible interaction by posting intriguing snip bits of information while I really should be in class. Luckily, my research on HootSuite and TweetDeck from my summer internship came in handy. I’ve been able to pre-write my posts and schedule them at various times throughout the day so I don’t have to carry my computer around with me.

Secondly, although a minor issue at the time, was posting tweets and posts when links to the stories weren’t available. Not to worry! All the glitches were ironed out and now I can be worry-free when tweeting or posting about a story that actually has a link to it.

Although the link issue was out of my control, I’m sure there are minor details I will run into from here on out. Yet, it’s all about the learning experience and I’m grateful to have this opportunity to do something I’m passionate about, increase readership for the paper and continue to improve my social media skills.

Follow The Spectator on Facebook and Twitter.

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